Hampton Farms Mission Statement
To be the best nut company today!

Vision Statement
To be recognized by our customers as the best nut company today and by our employees as the best place to work.

Core Values
Our values EQUIP us to be the best nut company today!

Values “Equip” Environment – We will promote a work environment that encourages and nourishes creativity, a passion for excellence, and mutual respect for our customers, vendors and each other. We are responsible to care for God’s creation by treating the natural environment with proper caution and wisdom.

Quality – All our products and services must reflect quality (creativity and care). We must constantly find ways to improve our products and services to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Understanding – We understand that the pressures facing our employees and their families are never-ending. Everyone has family outside of their “work family,” and we encourage them to set proper priorities in their lives.  We will seek to find ways to promote a family-friendly workplace.

Integrity – Honesty and truth are absolutes in the way we conduct business with our customers, vendors and employees. Ultimately, God is the source of truth, and our actions should reflect such integrity.

People – Our people are the company’s greatest asset, which is not reflected on our balance sheet.  They drive the health of our financial results.  We are striving to find people who are passionate about Hampton Farms and are eager find their place in the company where they can grow, flourish and excel.

• Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• 401K Matching
• Paid Vacation and Personal Days
• Paid Holidays
• Bereavement Leave
• Military Leave
• Jury Duty Leave

Equal Opportunity Employer