Sanitation Worker


The general sanitation laborer of Hampton Farms is involved in the cleaning and sanitizing of the Plant. The general sanitation laborer is a critical position in Hampton Farms food quality and safety for producing our peanut product. The general sanitation laborer is a critical position in Hampton Farms food quality and safety systems. Being a producer of peanuts and peanut products, the general sanitation laborer is aware of risks involved with regard to keeping the all areas of the facility clean and sanitary. The general sanitation laborer is trained in various SSOP’s pertaining to the job and equipment required.


  • GMP Training (New hire and Annual)
  • Master Sanitation Schedule
  • Utensils and tools SOP for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Chemical Control Program
  • Chemical Safety Training – Proper PPE
  • Glove Policy
  • General knowledge of SQF Edition 9 requirements.


  • Maintain a clean and sanitary environment by wiping down any dust accumulation of dirt, grime and salt etc.
  • Verify each piece is clean with a flash light. Look in hard to reach areas for cleanliness.
  • Sanitize all areas after being clean.
  • Verify all chemicals being used are correctly labeled. Do not mix chemicals or put a chemical into a container that is not labeled correctly.
  • Clean and sanitize rest rooms, break rooms, offices, trailer and other areas on daily checklist. Maintain all dispensers (soap, hand sanitizers, hairnets, beard nets, booties.)
  • Clean and sanitize all trash cans. Replace with fresh trash liners
  • Help fellow employees in other areas when needed
  • Make sure all trash is removed daily and end of the shift. Clean each line and sweep the floor as required during each shift.
  • Follow sanitation schedule for weekends or clean break.
  • Any other work assigned by the Quality Assurance Lead or Quality Assurance Manager.

** If a General Sanitation Laborer is out, other persons with the same skill level and training will do the duties described above. **