QA Technician

Job Overview:
The QA Technician will work in conjunction with the Production Team & Quality Assurance department as well as other Hampton Farms team members supporting processing and production requirements of Hampton Farms Peanut Butter Operations. The QA technician will be partnering with other Hampton Farms team members in being committed to delivering the best possible quality to our customers & employees in support of our mission, vision & values.

Essential Duties and Description:
• Verify with QA Supervision or Crew Leader what products are scheduled to be produced during the shift. Document down time, inventory tracking forms. Turn all paperwork into Quality Assurance Supervisor.
• Complete accurately Quality reporting forms.
• Responsible for performing both physical and analytical tests (moisture, fat and salt analysis; penetration and stability; grind analysis; color analysis) as required to ensure quality standards are maintained.
• Calculate formulations based on peanut fat to determine formula.
• Other duties include the inspection of incoming materials and shipments of finished product.
• Requires an understanding of all necessary documentation ensuring it is correct and accurate.
• Collect samples for retains and for micro samples and be able to accurately document samples for testing with proper paperwork as well as arrange for shipment to outside testing labs.
• Have a general understanding of HACCP, SQF Edition 8, operating procedures and Food Safety Sanitation.
• Ability to determine if a product needs to be put on hold and document when product goes on hold or if product is to be reworked.
• Will be responsible for generating report forms, building files and labeling.
• Assist QA Management in any task that needs to be done as assigned.

• GMP Training (New hire and Annual)
• SOP’s for Receiving Program, Shipping Program, and Storage Program (Packaging Supplies, , Inventory Control, Stock Rotation, Raw Materials and Finished Product)
• SSOP for warehouse facility and forklifts
• Able to earn & maintain a valid forklift license from Hampton Farms for the designated work area
• Able to earn & maintain the right to operate the floor scrubber and be able to maintain it
• Knowledge of the forklift Inspection Form
• Knowledge of Logistics/Transportation/Shipping
• Above average computer skills
• Basic math skills
• Above average communication skills

Measures for Success:
• 100 % correct orders, orders fulfilled accurately and timely.
• Daily production goals achieved based on customer specs and orders.
• Weekly poundage goals achieved based on customer orders.
• Work with team members maintaining daily sanitation by cleaning work area at end of shift.

Quality Assurance:
• Knows and adheres to GMP policy and all Quality policies and procedures.
• Assists in identifying and or reporting non-conforming product to aid in eliminating waste.
• Communicates daily with Quality to ensure customer specifications are met.

General Expected Behaviors
Problem Solving:
• Solution Oriented, works to solve problems or achieve outcome
• If needed, find alternative ways to complete a task
• Reacts to challenges by locating or providing solutions.
• Responsible for identifying all requirements of a task, evaluates opportunities or strengths then takes the appropriate action as required.
• Makes timely, well-considered decisions based on current data available and is flexible with scheduled work hours/shifts
• Supports the team by offering to help with unexpected work as needed
• Actively follows and ensures all company policies and procedures.
• Engages other employees in setting high safety awareness standards.
• Include safety emphasis in all employee meetings.
• Wears proper PPE at all times

Work Ethic:
• Dependable and punctual to ensure company and workplace goals.
• Treats everyone with respect and dignity.
• Responds to challenges with a sense of urgency, informing other team members as required and acting accordingly.
• Actively assesses information and identifies issues as necessary or required to ensure a friendly workplace.
• Plans and aligns appropriate resources to accomplish company goals.

• Good written and verbal skills and able to communicate in a clear and understanding manner.
• Applies good questioning and listening skills to ensure understanding of information being shared.
• Treats everyone with respect and dignity, even when he/she may not agree on opinions
• Identifies barriers to communication and works towards eliminating barriers.

Additional Sanitation Responsibilities:
• Clean work area and prepare for next shift.
• Follow sanitation schedule for weekends and clean breaks..

Education and Experience:
• High School diploma or equivalent(GED).
• Experience with food manufacturing Principles and implementation.
• 1-3 years’ production manufacturing experience.
• Must be able to work well both independently and collaboratively.
• Ability to clearly present recommendations/ideas and to summarize issues.
• Ability to appropriately handle confidential material.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:
None Required

Job Physical Demands:
• Continuous standing in one location for long periods (2-3 hours before break)
• Climbing: ladders, stairs, etc. –using feet and legs or hands and arms 1/3 of the time
• Stooping: Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist
• Crouching: Bending the body downward and forward by bending legs and spine
• Reaching: Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction
• Handling: Seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with hand or hands
• Hearing: Perceiving the nature of sounds by ears
• Depth Perception: Three dimensional vision. Ability to judge distances
• Color Vision: Ability to identify and distinguish colors

Work Environment
• Combination of manufacturing environment along with duties that will require employee to work in a production/plant environment where physical hazards such as industrial equipment and forklifts may be present.

• Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Disability
• Vision
• Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
• Employee Assistance (EAP)
• Teladoc
• 401K Match
• Paid Vacation and Personal Days
• Paid Holidays
• Bereavement Leave
• Military Leave
• Jury Duty Leave
To be the best nut company today!
Vision Statement
To be recognized by our customers as the best nut company today and by our employees as the best place to work.
Core Values
Our Values EQUIP us to be the best nut company today!
Values “Equip”
Environment – we will promote a work environment that encourages and nourishes creativity, a passion for excellence, and mutual respect with our customers, vendors and each other. We are responsible to care for God’s creation by treating the natural environment with proper caution and wisdom.
Quality – all our products and services must reflect quality (creativity and care). We must constantly find ways to improve our products and services to meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.
Understanding – we understand that the pressures facing our employees and their families are never ending. Everyone has family outside of their “work family”, and we encourage them to set proper priorities in their lives. We will seek to find ways to promote a family friendly workplace.
Integrity – honesty and truth are absolutes in the way we conduct business with our customers, vendors, and employees. Ultimately, God is the source of truth and our actions should reflect such integrity.
People – our people are the greatest asset, which is not reflected on our balance sheet. They drive the health of our financial results. We are striving to find people who are passionate about Hampton Farms, and find their place in the company where they can grow, flourish, and excel.
EOE – Equal Opportunity Employer

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